Bikini Abs

Looking to get killer abs to go with that new bikini body? To get that sexy tone and definition in your torso, you need a combination of aerobic exercise and ab-targeting exercises. The most common is the crunch, and while it’s dreaded, it also works. There are other core and oblique exercises, but the crunch is the standard workout when it comes to bikini abs. It’s called a crunch because of the movement of your shoulders towards your hips. To do one, start by lying face up on the floor and either cross your arms over your chest or place them behind or beside your neck. Engage your abs and start curling your shoulders up and towards your hips, then curl back down. It’s important that your hands and arms are not pulling your head and neck. Your lower back should not leave the floor. A variation of the crunch is to do them on an exercise ball. The ball eases pressure off the back and helps to isolate and target the abs when you do crunches. Lie down with the ball positioned under your lower back and either cross your arms over your chest or place them behind your head. Engage your abs and contract to lift your upper body off the ball and keep the ball still. Lower back down until you feel a light stretch in your abs, repeat doing 12 -16 reps, 1-3 sets. Once you’re done, the ball naturally becomes a great place to stretch. If you lie down on it and relax, you’ll feel a nice stretch in your abs. Sprinkle this workout into your exercise routine a few times a week and you’ll be noticing your bikini abs in no time.