Skimpy Bikinis

There is a middle ground between micro bikinis and full coverage bikinis, and that would be the skimpy bikinis. Simply put, skimpy bikinis are any style that shows off a bit more skin that the usual full coverage styles of swimwear. For tops, a skimpier look could be any style that shows off a little more cleavage or has thinner straps. As for bottoms, string ties can be considered skimpy. Brazilians styles, with the skimmed off fabric in the back that allows for more skin to peek out the side, could be considered skimpy as well. With these smaller styles and fits of bikinis, showing off extra inches of skin is the goal. How much you want to show off, however, is entirely up to you.

To extend the life of your bikini, remember there are two things that can quickly wear down a suit: heat and chemicals. If there are open, public showers at the beach or pool, go for a rinse when you get out of the water. Simply washing away the salt water or chlorine will eliminate the chemicals that breakdown the threads in the fabric. When do you change out of your suit, don’t roll up the wet bikini in a towel. The moisture will generate heat which will start to degrade the elasticity in the material. To clean your bikini, follow the care instructions on the tag. If you have doubts, hand wash in warm water and mild soap, and hang it up to dry.